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Compare sports watches 

Of course, it differs enormously per person and per sport as to which functions you need. For example, in some cases a sports watch with GPS can be important and in other cases a sports watch with a heart rate monitor.
 With our filters you can easily search by brand, material, functions and color and you can compare sports watches with each other. 

Each sports watch brand is known for its own features and functionalities. For example, Garmin has many years of experience with GPS equipment, and an advantage of a Tissot T-Touch solar sports watch is that it lasts a long time without having to charge. Citizen Promaster's diving watches are intended for experienced deep-sea divers. 


Luxury sports watches 

Just like with 'regular' watches, you can make it as luxurious as you want with sports watches. For a modest amount you already have an activity tracker with basic sports functions. But if you want very extensive functionalities and a watch made of the best materials, there is also plenty to choose from.
Use our filters to select the price range you are interested in.

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