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GPS watches

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How does a watch with GPS work? 

A watch with GPS automatically determines the exact time and place where the wearer is located by making contact with one or more GPS satellites in orbit around the earth. These satellites contain hyper-accurate atomic clocks that transmit a signal. The time it takes for this signal to reach your watch determines its location. 


Which watch brands have GPS? 

Citizen and Seiko, among others manufacture GPS watches. These watch brands were at the forefront of the development of GPS for watches. For example, the Citizen Promaster Satellite Wave line and the legendary Seiko Astron. 
Most watches that contain GPS are of course smartwatches. For example, the smartwatches from Fossil and Michael Kors


Garmin watch with GPS 

Garmin smartwatches are the most popular watches with GPS in our range. This is not surprising, because Garmin is originally a company that makes GPS navigation equipment and has applied these years of experience and innovations in their watches, which belong to the best GPS watches of the moment. 

In the Garmin watch collection you will find highly advanced sports watches with autonomous GPS and all types of maps, for example of golf courses and extensive functions for the most diverse sports. 
In addition, Garmin also makes watches with tactical functions (for the army), route information, live tracking and much more.

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