Bezpłatna wysyłka zegarki ponad PLN 239
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  • Watches have many product specifications and terms. The following page lists them all in alphabetical order with detailed explanations, so you know exactly what each term stands for.

  • Water resistance is indicated by the terms Bar (atmospheric pressure), ATM (atmosphere) or meter. In these, there are different degrees. The following article lists all degrees of waterproofness.

  • Measuring your wrist size is very easy with a tape measure or a strip of paper and ruler. The following article explains in detail what the best way is to measure your wrist size.

  • Replacing a watchband is relatively easy. Using a pushpin, you can often replace the band yourself in a few minutes. The following article explains this in detail.

  • Shortening a link bracelet is easy to do yourself using the right tools. The following article describes how to replace the link band.