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Olympic Premium

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Olympic has been known for years for its good value for money, which makes the brand accessible to a wide audience. In addition, all watches are made of titanium or stainless steel, making them resistant to water and sweat, among other things, and they give no skin reaction in 99% of all cases. This is also the case with the Olympic Premium watches. This Olympic line can be recognised by its timeless elegance and refined, luxurious details, but at the same time remains true to the promise of the brand - high-quality watches for an affordable price.

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Elegant Olympic Premium watches

Within our collection of Olympic Premium watches, you'll find several models, including the Bari and the Monza. Both models are extremely elegant and will not disappoint during a business meeting or dinner. Yet they are also great to wear when you spend a day at home on the couch. A steel band or a leather band, a white dial or a black dial - every option is possible. Which Olympic Premium watch will soon be shining on your wrist?

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