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  • Refunds are processed as quickly as possible and within 14 working days from the moment you have given notice of a return. In case we have not received the product back within 14 days, payment will be suspended until we have received the product or you can prove the product has been sent to us. Upon receiving your parcel in return, we do our very best to process and refund the return still the same day. Refunds are given via the same payment method as used by the customer. For example: if you have paid for your order via credit card we will refund to your credit card. Would you like to read more? Please visit our “refunds” information page.

  • Unfortunately creditcard fraud is still a major problem for webshops. HWG is responsible for preventing fraudulent orders. If your payment was unjustly denied, or in case your payment failed at your bank, please contact our Customer Service Department.

  • Holland Watch Group accepts creditcards, among which: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and many other creditcards. Together with our payment service provider Adyen we strive to accept as many locally issued creditcards as possible. Besides that, we also work with Paypal, Klarna (pay later) and iDeal. To learn more about our supported payment methods, please visit our information page “how to pay”.