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Water resistant watches for men

Water resistant watches for men are available in various degrees. That a men’s watch is waterproof does not automatically mean that you can dive into the sea when wearing it.
Whether a watch is suitable for this or not depends on the water resistance, indicated by the number of meters, ATM (atmosphere) or bar (air pressure). For example, a waterproof watch is in some cases suitable for showering, but not for swimming or snorkeling. This watch will therefore have a lower number of meters, ATM or bar. When you want a watch that is suitable for diving, it needs a higher level of water resistance. To compare - a watch that is suitable for showering is 50 meters (5 bar) waterproof, a watch suitable for diving is 200 meters (20 bar) waterproof. On this page you will find all the information about water resistance.

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Your perfect water resistant watch for men

In our range of waterproof watches for men you will find brands such as Fossil and Casio, in various colors, materials and price ranges. However, these are often the type of watches that have a lower level of water resistance, making them unsuitable for swimming. This causes that these men's watches (can) have a finer appearance.

Watches with a higher level of water resistance that for example are suitable for diving, have a coarser appearance. This type of watch is often equipped with a movable bezel (ring), on which the remaining dive time can be read. Watches suitable for scuba diving have a helium (vent) valve. When you are more concerned with quality, then choose a watch from a brand such as Tissot or Edox. Thanks to the many functionalities and the rubber watch band you can go into the sea without having to worry.

Please note: leather watch bands are not water resistant!