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Hirsch watch bands

Dress up your watch with a Hirsch watch strap. A product that you wear so intensively and in direct contact with your skin as a watch strap, must be of the highest quality. Hirsch watch straps deliver this top quality and more; Wearing comfort and aesthetics combined with technical functionality. It is without reservation Hirsch offers a 3-month warranty on their straps! [ read more] The Hirsch collection offers a wide variety of watch straps. From classic calf leather to vegan and hypoallergenic leather or High Tech water-resistant rubber. The Hirsch team is always looking for trendy, innovative and sustainable materials. The patented leathers, lining and rubber core developed by them are joined together using the 'rembording' method developed and patented by founder Hans Hirsch in 1955. This results in a resilient and durable band with closed edges, an invisible transition between upper material and lining, with optimal protection against the ingress of a wide variety of substances such as water, sweat, perfume or sunscreen to which the band is exposed during daily use. A Hirsch strap is not only the perfect carrier for your watch, it is the reliable foundation to make you and your watch shine!

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