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MT-G and MR-G watches

G-Shock MT-G and MR-G are the ultimate premium G-Shock watch lines. Manufactured entirely in-house by Casio in Japan, these extraordinary watches are the epitome of luxury and power combined. 

The MT-G and MR-G range offers everything you would expect from G-Shock at the highest level of quality, accuracy, craftsmanship and finish. 

MT-G stands for 'Metal Twisted G-Shock'. This premium G-Shock line is completely made of top quality stainless steel. The strap is connected directly to the watch case, adding extra shock absorption, while a layer of durable plastic is applied on the inside for extra comfort and on the outside of the buckle for extra protection. 

MR-G watches are made of extremely strong titanium with a scratch-resistant diamond-like carbon coating and sapphire. This makes MR-G not only super strong but also super light for such complete watches of this size! 

An annual limited edition of just 500, handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen completes this outstanding G-Shock watch collection for the discerning watch enthusiast.

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